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Health, Safety and Environmental safety measures are fundamental values for Rosetti Marino.

In this HSSE area, we have sought to highlight what we are doing for people and for the environment in order to ensure the wellbeing of our personnel, partners, and future generations.

The aforesaid activities focus on the following areas:

• Integrated management of HSSE Risks, including atypical risks associated with foreign operations;
• HSSE Leadership and Accountability in every business area;
• Communication and dissemination of HSSE culture.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In ​​Rosetti Marino, we are strongly committed to sustaining an excellence system for managing Occupational Health & Safety, based on our Senior Management’s involvement.

This commitment is set out in the HSE Policy whose principles affect the cultural component by improving people’s attitudes and behaviour, personal and system accountability and by promoting suitable and homogeneous business management processes throughout the company, in compliance with OHSAS 18001 standards.

Consistent with the evolution of regulatory, ethics and market contexts, the research and the adoption of the best business practices are subject to progressive promotion not only in the corporate sphere, but also with suppliers​​, to extend partnerships and achieve continual improvement and the best performance. ​



The Rosetti Marino business Travel Health & Security System ensures, also through the use of appropriate tools and leading providers (Intl. SOS – Control Risk), the availability of support services dedicated to our travelling employees.

The use of clear messages and user-friendly tools have created the conditions necessary for effective Travel Health & Security culture and information, dedicated to the personnel exposed to ‘country risks’.

More specifically, this enables:
• The knowledge of Country Risks;
• The dissemination of the use of dedicated services and tools;
• The commitment for safeguarding health and safety of travelling employees;
• The improvement of personal awareness and sense of responsibility.




In 2018,  Rosetti Marino started the Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) Program, an approach that promotes a culture where no incident or injury is considered acceptable. We want to uphold this value, with the aim of obtaining extraordinary results in safety performance.

The power of IIF lies in capturing the hearts and minds of the many individuals working for and with us. When a significant mass of people makes the decision that injuries and incidents are not tolerable in any shape or form and they personally play their role in making this happen,  the cultural shift is extraordinary.

IIF® Development


  • Together with our Top Management we have identified where we want to go and what it will take to move forward.

  • We have assessed our current culture from the feedback received from the workforce on a wide range of topics including: Leadership, morale, culture, business drivers, HSSE, to help management gain a deeper view of our current safety culture.

  • Our Top and Middle Management teams have been informed that incident and Injury-Free performance is possible and they are therefore committed to this result and, in turn, enroll others to achieve this goal.

  • We have built a team which is highly skilled in thinking, conversing and performing its daily tasks ensuring an Incident and Injury-Free performance.

  • We have developed an in-house capability to sustain our IIF commitment in a way that enhances safety and business performance as well as existing HSSE /leadership work.


Rosetti Marino’s Enviromental commitment is to minimize pollution risk factors as well as to optimize the consumption of raw materials and maximize energy efficiency in order to achieve the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

We also aim to control or influence the way in which our products and services are designed, manufactured, transported, used and disposed of, adopting a life-cycle approach.

The effectiveness of this Environmental Management System, compliant with ISO14001 standards, is implemented our Corporate Senior Management who establishes the Enviromental policies and goals consistent with our strategic guidelines  and supports them in their achievements.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work
Every year, Rosetti Marino’s staff and partners celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, promoted by the ILO – International Labor Organization, promoting initiatives and retreats dedicated to this event in the company sites in Italy and abroad.