• Quality
  • Policy & Certifications
  • Risk & Opportunities Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Process Mapping
  • Lessons Learned
  • Induction and Training

Rosetti Marino is strongly committed to ensuring an high level of quality for its internal and external Clients.

The achievement of quality is obtained by:

  • Identifying and measuring our clients’ needs in order to deliver reliable products and services “fit for purpose”  on time and to achieve client satisfaction.
  • Defining processes, activities and responsibilities;
  • Implementing methods for the definition, monitoring and measuring of goals;
  • Analysing and managing risks and opportunities of corporate processes;
  • Investigating the continual improvement of processes and supporting change management initiatives;
  • Promoting a widespread and targeted communication and  sharing lessons learned.

The identification and mitigation of Risks and Opportunities are decisive within complex and erratic enviroments.

Rosetti Marino periodically updates Risks & Opportunities status, in addition to conducting in-depth quantitative-qualitative ​surveys,  from commercial initiatives to ongoing projects.

Clients are the core value of Rosetti Marino.

The measuring of external and internal customer satisfaction is a boundless source of suggestions to understand their needs and expectations, by improving critical areas and highlightining excellent performances.

Rosetti Marino is continuosly committed to the integration and update of its own EPC processes.

Process maps help to define process boundaries, ownership, responsibilities and metrics.

They provide insight into a process, help teams brainstorm ideas for process improvement, identify bottlenecks, repetition and delays.


Lessons Learned are the key to improve a System or Project.

Everyone can identify positive or negative events occurred during their activities, on which the organization can define solutions and benefit from them in current and future experiences.

These experiences are discussed during periodical meeting with the Top Management and communicated within the organization.

Cerebro is the centralized platform that allows easy management of lessons learned, non-conformities, audits​ and corrective actions.

Induction and Training:  Employees and Subcontractors are involved in quality inductions at the start of their activities aimed at explaining system and project quality procedures, rules, responsibilities and applicable standards.

Moreover, training on specific quality topics are arranged in order to describe and clarify internal processes.