A totally new concept of a double-ended tugboat.

Rosetti Marino signed a license agreement with Purple Water Ltd. to construct the Giano Tug:  a handling and escort tug with a compact size (26 m x 13 m).  With its intuitive in-line handling controls, the tug can produce 55 tons of bollard thrust and pull in all directions at full power with 360° maneuverability  while maintaining a 0° list – plus a side-stepping speed of 7kn – from full ahead to full speed sideways in 10 seconds. Its stability is much higher than the standards of the tugs currently available on the market thanks to the value of its metacentrical height of 3.6 m which in many cases is 2/3 times higher than the others, its displacement and its tunnel hull.

Remote manoeuvring of Giano is possibile thanks to a 4G and VSAT connection. The remote connection is of M2M type, machine to machine; it is assured by two tunnels encrypted on the Internet to fulfil the requests of Cyber ​​Security with a direct connection Tug – Remote Bridge  without any third-party server. It is possible to remotely control Giano, wherever it is, controlling the video system, navigation parameters, propulsion and automation. The system fitted on the Giano Tug allows the whole control of the ship’s navigation in an assisted form from a remote location with extreme precision.