• Vendor Qualification Process

By “Vendors” we mean suppliers of materials, subcontractors and services (Engineering, Consultant, etc.).
To be qualified as a Vendor, you can follow the following steps:


Step 1: Request of Qualification

Send the request with an e-mail to supplier@rosetti.it including Company Basic Data, Company Structure, Categories of Supply.
Our QVF Department  (Qualification and Evaluation of Vendors)  evaluates  the request received and,  if the evaluation is positive, notifies you of the instructions to register and/or fill in the qualification questionnaire via the SupplHi platform.
SupplHi  is  a  specific  tool  for  the  management of suppliers  of  goods and services in the Energy industry.  Vendors registration is free-of-charge and allows access  to  many  Customers. Furthermore,  Vendors  can  provide  and  keep information updated for all Customers on a single and easy-to-use platform, reducing the time spent on these activities.


Step 2: Vendor Register

Register your Company on the “SupplHi” platform and obtain your username and password in order to access your own area. Identify your Company with basic data (VAT number, address, legal form, tc)
Registration on SupplHi is always free-of-charge for Vendors.
At any moment you can ask for the support of the SupplHi Team through the available ticketing system.


Step 3: Vendor onboarding

Complete the sections Company Basic Data, Company Structure, Categories of Supply and Basic Questionnaire.


Step 4: Rosetti Marino Qualification

At the end of step 1 & 2 you can complete the Rosetti Marino qualification questionnaire.  Our Qualification and  Evaluation Department evaluates the application and will inform you about the final status of your qualification. You can always check your qualification status by entering the Applications section of SupplHi and choosing Rosetti Marino.
A positive qualification result places the Vendor automatically on our Vendor List.
Registration in our Database does not guarantee any business with our Group.