Many People, many Countries, the same Values

  • People
  • Quality & HSSE
  • Clients
  • Partners & Suppliers
  • Development & Efficiency
  • Integration
  • Result-oriented

People are the energy and thrust power of the company; therefore we want to increase and acknowledge their skills and professionalism, in a context of equal opportunities and involvement that favours team work and encourages efficient communication, creativity, initiative and responsibility.

We persistently aim for safety in the work environment and for the good health of those who work there as well as for the quality of our products and the respect for people and their surrounding environment.

Our efforts are dedicated to them. We invest in all phases of company activities from product execution to its delivery, ensuring excellent performance as well as quality, collaboration and transparency.

They complete us. Our relationship with them is dictated by transparency, loyalty and shared interests.

The research for new technologies and markets ensures the continuous evolution of our business. The optimization of organizational processes and the propensity to change, in a context of continuous improvement, ensure operative efficacy and the elimination of waste and inefficiency.

Of ideas, cultures and behaviors. A feature of Rosetti’s style.

Rosetti’s formula focuses on performing quick interventions with enthusiasm and  professional excellence.