World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2024


On 3rd May, Rosetti Marino celebrated World Day for Health and Safety at Work, promoted by the ILO (International Labour Organisation), at its Piomboni yard in Marina di Ravenna and its workshop in Via Trieste.

This year’s theme, announced by the ILO, is โ€œthe impacts of climate change on occupational safety and healthโ€.

In today’s workplaces, we are increasingly dealing with occurrences triggered by climate change such as excessive heat, extreme weather events, air pollution, and emerging insect-borne diseases.

The event was addressed by Ermanno Bellettini, Director of the Company System, who, on behalf of the Management, conveyed appreciation to the workers for their dedication. Bellettini stressed the importance of a collective commitment to workplace safety, echoed by site and project managers who expressed their gratitude for the sensitivity to the topic and renewed their commitment to ensure maximum safety at work.

The event also presented the opportunity to award a prize to selected workers who have shown exceptional dedication and initiative in promoting workplace safety.

Safety is a core value that we must continually improve and reinforce, with a sense of responsibility and awareness.

Letโ€™s all build a safe working environment together, with courage and confidence.