Status: Work in progress
Hull C.119

Scope of Work


Project Description

​Construction of a RAstar LNG Terminal/Escort Tug - Power 3200 W

Class notation

R.I.Na: C ✠ Tug – Escort Tug; Towing; Fire Fighting Ship 1; Waterspraying;Oil Recovery Ship (FP<60°C); IWS; Salvage; ✠ AUT-UMS; AUT-PORT: SYS-NEQ 1;Unrestricted Navigation

Technical Details

Main particularsLength overall32.00 m
Breadth, moulded13.20 m
Length between perpendiculars28.00 m
Maximum Draught6.05 m
Depth5.43 m
Gross tonnage< 500 GT
Accommodation10 persons

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