DP3/DP4 Modification & Revamping Project

Status: Completed

Scope of Work

Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Transportation & Delivery, Off-shore Installation, Testing, Precommissioning, Commissioning & Assistance to the Company during Start-up

Project Description

​​​Decommissioning and dismantling of Gas Sweetening Unit, Procurement of bulk material (structures, piping, E&I), Construction of 3 chemical transfer pump skids & 4 chemical injection skids.
Offshore revamping works onboard two platforms, update of the DCS/ESD/PSD system

Technical Details

Main feature  Dismantling of Unit 22 fot a total weight 240 tons (columns, piping, structures)
 Cables3.000 m
  Piping60 t
 Scafolding more than3500 m3
​ Offshore works​70.000 mhrs (SIMOPS)


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