Project Award or Delivery

Rosetti Marino involved in GAINN_IT Initiative

5/11/2016 12:00 AM

Financed by the European Commission (CEF Connecting Europe Facility Transport - action n. 2014-IT-TM-0450-S and n. 2014-EU-TMC-0700-S), Rosetti Marino is currently involved in the GAINN_IT Initiative ( together with other Italian partners and Ravenna-based  Companies, under the Italian coordination of the Ministry of Transport (MIT) and with the local coordination of the Ravenna Port Authority.

The scope of the project is the building of an Italian pilot LNG grid in order to develop the use and distribution of LNG for marine and road transportation. The GAINN global project aims at supporting EU Member States policy-makers, ports and shipowners operating in the EU Atlantic and Mediterranean countries to comply with environmental regulation in the most efficient way. The  project will act as a lever for the introduction of LNG as marine fuel in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Member States of the EU both in the shipping and port sectors.

Rosetti Marino is presently developing the engineering study of a local receiving, storage and distribution LNG system within Ravenna's industrial area. With an increase of local LNG requirements expected by 2020-2030, this project foresees a storage modular capacity of up to 3000 cubic metres of LNG, enough to satisfy the expected local LNG consumption of road and industrial users and  with the prospect of fuelling the  small to medium sized marine vessels.

The engineering activities began in mid-2015 and are aimed at producing, within the second half of 2016, the project documentation necessary to gain authorization for the construction of the LNG receiving, storage and distribution equipment in the selected Industrial/Port area of Ravenna .

Completion of construction and start-up of this industrial settlement is planned within mid-end 2019.