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More news

MOC 2010


Rosetti Egypt S.A.E. will partecipate with his own stand at MOC.

KCOI Kazakhstan Caspian Offshore Industries LLP

The strategic goal and mission of this new joint venture company, equally owned by Rosetti Kazakhstan LLP ("ROS-KZ") - which is a Kazakh company affiliate to Rosetti Marino of Italy and by MART Machinery Plant LLP ("MMP") is... enter >>

KIOGE 2010

Rosetti Group will be partecipated with its own stend to KIOGE 2010, the 18th International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference will be held on 6th - 9th October 2010 at the Atakent Exhibition Centre and Intercontinental Hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Company Day Video

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Rosetti Marino delivers new 10,800-HP vessel ALMISAN to Augusta Offshore

On Saturday 26 February 2011, Rosetti Marino delivered the newly christened Almisan, to Augusta Offshore S.p.A, a member of the CA.FI.MA. shipping group owned by the Cafiero-Mattioli family.
The vessel is an anchor-handling tugboat, meaning that it is intended to provide support to offshore oil platforms by handling their anchor lines, executing offshore towing for very large convoys and aiding in the recovery of oil and petroleum from the ocean in the event of a spill.
The Almisan is totally innovative because it is the result of a new design commissioned by the builder, who has made the vessel a prototype. It also features cutting-edge fire-fighting technology bearing the "Fire-Fighting 2" class notation, with three times the water delivery capacity for extinguishing fires of other fire-fighting vessels of similar size.
The new ship has an overall length of 52.5 meters, a width of 15 meters, a gross capacity of 1,230 tons and 8,000 kW of total maximum power, corresponding to approximately 10,800 horsepower, which allow it to achieve a top speed of approximately 15 knots and over 140 tons of towing power, with quarters and heads able to host a maximum of 23 people, including the crew and operations specialists.
The Almisan is the eighth shipbuilding project that Rosetti Marino has completed for the CA.FI.MA. Group, for which construction has already begun on a ninth vessel of even greater power and size. For an idea of the power and scope of the work this ship will be required to perform at sea, simply consider that it will be fitted with a winch with towing capacity of up to 500 tons.

Naming ceremony and delivery of PSV "F.D. Indomitable"

On completion of vessel construction which took a little over 12 months, Rosetti Marino delivered this new and important vessel to the Neapolitan Owners Fratelli D’Amato, at Rosetti’s San Vitale shipyard in the presence of a large number of distinguished Italian and foreign guests.  Among the guests were many authorities as well as the employees and top management of both the Shipowning company, presided over by Luigi D’Amato and of the Shipyard, presided over by Mr. Gianfranco Magnani.
Before this naming ceremony, “F.D. INDOMITABLE” had a temporary name which was “hull n° 102 Rosetti” and,  as the four vessels which preceded it – “F.D. INVINCIBLE”, “F.D. INCREDIBLE”, “F.D. RELIABLE” and “FD IRRESISTIBLE”, F.D. Indomitable  has a moulded breadth of 16 m. and a deadweight of over 3,000 tons.
F.D. Indomitable  differs from the four previous vessels in that there is a slight variation of length overall which is 75.10 m and therefore it is about 3 m. longer than those already delivered. There is also a greater usable surface area for the transport of cargo on the main deck which was obtained thanks to  the smaller size of the superstructures.
Propulsion is provided by two General Electric main engines producing over 5580 kW (7600 hp), which allows the vessel to sail at a maximum speed of over 14,5 knots and gives it a cruising range of  over 3500 miles.
The platform supply vessel “Indomitable” is characterized by a very high level of engineering, automation and technology. The vessel has been designed to provided assistance to offshore oil platforms and to safely transport equipment and material to and from them  - even those located in very rough waters, such as the Baltic sea and the North Sea and even in particularly adverse weather conditions.
To give you an idea of just how high the level of technology and construction is on this vessel -  built entirely in Italy by Rosetti Marino and designed by  Rolls Royce Marine, suffice it to say that  F.D. Incredible, second of four sister vessels already delivered to the Owner, was classed as a  “Gold Standard” vessel by the Royal Navy for assistance and rescue operations.
The Godmother of  F.D. Indomitable  – first of the new series of four vessels which will be delivered by Rosetti Marino to the Owner by 2012 – was Mrs. Anna Maria Tarantola, Deputy Director General of the Bank of Italy.

KCOI LLP donations for Aktau orphanage

At the end of 2010 our colleagues of KCOI LLP, with the effort to make Aktau a better place to live, decided to promote an initiative for helping the kids of a local orphanage.
In a few days, thanks to the help of everybody, 117.000 KZT were collected, as well as other useful things to be given to the kids as gifts.
On December 31st the money was officially donated to the orphanage and the presents distributed to the kids, hoping that the new year grants all their wishes.

ConocoPhillips UK- Jasmine development project

In 2010 ConocoPhillips UK has awarded to Rosetti Marino a contract for the procurement and the construction of three jackets aimed at developing the Jasmine field in the UK Continental Shelf. The substructures, weighing 24.000 tonne including 21 piles, are being built in the Piomboni yard in Marina di Ravenna. The sail-away of the first jacket is anticipated in April 2011, while the other two will be delivered one year later.

Rosetti Imstalcon LLP - HSE Excellence Award

On 12th November 2010 , Mike Hackley, Contract Holder of Agip KCO, delivered to Alberto Bassi, Project Manager of Rosetti-Imstalcon LLP, a HSE Excellence Award in recognition of having completed the Infill Decks Project, Contract N° 2007 / 0652, without sustaining a lost time injury.
Scope of the work was the fabrication, construction and assembly of three Infill Decks, total weight 1272 tons, to be installed on Complex D of the Kashagan Field in the Caspian Sea. The activities were carried out in two working sites: Imstalcon Fabrication Workshop in Taraz and RIM Construction Yard in Kuryk ERSAI Base. In terms of HSE performances, the project was concluded in September with 451,105 manhours LTI free and an Incident Frequency Rate (IFR) of 4,43.

2010 Italian Shipping Awards

On October 21st, at the Maritime Station of Ponte dei Mille of Genoa, Rosetti Marino was the First to be ranked in the category “Vessel Design & Construction” of the 2010 Italian Shipping Awards, recognition that every two years awards the excellence reached by the Italian maritime sector internationally.
The event has been organized by “Lloyd’s List”, the most ancient and prestigious English magazine of the naval sector, and has seen the presence of over 500 guests, among whom the top management of the Italian shipping.
The award has been received by the Engineer Cesario  Mondelli, Director of the Naval Constructions Business Unit of the yard of Ravenna, along with Medardo Ranieri, Marco Deserti and Luca Martinelli, respectively Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Manager of the Naval Technical Office.
The 2010 Italian Shipping Award for designing and shipbuilding has been awarded to Rosetti Marino Spa with the following reason: “Rosetti Marino, active since 1950, is an established shipyard located in Ravenna, skilful in achieving sophisticated and technologically advanced shipbuilding for the Oil & Gas sector, which has recently strengthened its productive capacity with up-to-date equipment and supplies”.
Therefore, Rosetti Marino establishes itself as one of the most competitive European shipbuilders thanks to its business reliability and its commitment in pursuing technological-productive innovation policies.

HSE DAY - Safety for People

Rosetti’s employees together with their families, as well as Clients, Suppliers and Contractors had the opportunity, during the HSE Day, to visit Yard areas and get acquainted with working activities, witnessing safety demonstrations and exploring cranes, vessels and stands arranged with the main PPE in use, thanks to the dynamic involvement of firemen, municipal police and state police.
The event is the result of  the communication campaign “Rosetti – Safety for People”, which  has involved all employees in photo sessions, and in the selection of the logo and slogan.
Rosetti’s people faces have thus become the true protagonists of this iniziative aimed at showing and promoting team spirit, involvement and safety culture.

KCOI Yard: The official inauguration of the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Italian Republic Mr. Adolfo Urso