Honorary Chairman

Gianfranco Magnani

​​​​Gianfranco Magnani was born on 9th August of 1929 and lives in Ravenna untill now. After graduating in Civil and Construction Engineering at the University of Padova in 1956, he initially worked as freelance consultant for important organizations such as ACMAR and Rosetti Marino itself.

In the 1965, Gianfranco Magnani starts working full time for Rosetti Marino SpA, by making it grow exponentiall​y and transforming it into a synergic group of subsidiaries companies​, known worldwide.

Since 2012, he is Honorary Chairman of Rosetti Marino SpA.

Along his carrier, he also held top positions such as President, Vice President and Member of the Board within several associations, external to Rosetti Marino, like ASSOMINERARIA, A.N.CA.NA.P., S.TE.P.RA. and OMC S.c.r.l.​​