HSE Communication & Events

​​​​​​​​​In the 2014, Rosetti Marino SpA has realized many communication initiatives and events to promote and reinforce a solid HSE culture within the company.

​​Monthly HSE Campaigns

Monthly HSE Campaigns are developed during the years on the 12 corporate Golden Rules associated with other sensitive topics such as, for example, cigarette smoke. The discussions aim for the involvement of prevention specialists for the studied risks and production of informational videos and posters. 
Clipper - "Smart Board" by Shell

Shell management showed their appreciation for how HSE campaigns were organised and how they contributed in improving safety performance during the Clipper project​. In addition, Shell donated a interactive Smart Board to the yard HSE department.
​World Day for HSE at Work

Each year, ​Rosetti Marino SpA supports the "World Day for Safety and Health at Work" promoted by ​the ILO (International Labour Organisation):
The themes for 2014 was "Safety and health in using chemical products at work".
The themes for 2015 was "Join in building a Culture of Prevention on OSH".
Fauzia - HSE Awards

​In september, as the Fauzia-Elettra project Hook-Up campaign was coming to an end, all personnel involved in the operations participated in an award ceremony for workers who distinguished themselves for their HSE efforts.
​Marlin - 1 Milion LTI Free Worked Hours

​During the Marlin project development, Rosetti Marino has reached the outstanding target of 1 milion worked hours without accidents. On this occasion, the customer Foxtrot, all project workers and Rosetti Marino take part in a special celebration, presenting awards to contractor operators for their Stop Safety Observation Cards and a recognition to Secom Service, the main contractor in charge of Jacket construction, for their commitment to HSE.