Environmental Sustainability



Atlas_Copco_Italy_-_REM_Banner_ac0058480_456.pngREM 2014
Rosetti Marino sponsored the second edition of REM 2014, Renewable Energy Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition, held on March 26-27 2014 and the Grand Hotel Mattei in Ravenna.

REM 2014 gathered government officials, sector professionals, research organizations and political representatives in Ravenna to discuss energy efficiency "best practices".

Energy efficiency is the key tool in reaching the goal of energy production sustainability and the path to follow to obtain the highest benefits in cost reduction.

Thursday, April 3rd, at the Piomboni yard in Marina di Ravenna, Hera technicians illustrated how important recycling is, not just for environmental sustainability but also for good yard production scrap management to about 600 employees and contractors.

How is waste correctly recycled? What type of waste can be recycled? Where are they processed? These are just some of the topics discussed during the meeting.