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About Us

Photovoltaic System

The environmental protection and the focus towards discovering renewable energy sources have become themes of great interest for all companies, in order to significantly reduce pollution and energy consumptions.

With regards to this, Rosetti Marino has shown in real terms its commitment, through the installation and starting of a new photovoltaic system at the San Vitale Yard.
The system, which was started up in June 2009, is one of the biggest in Emilia Romagna, with a surface covered by solar panels equal to 4000 square metres and a power capacity that reaches approximately 195 kWh during the utmost irradiation.

Thanks to the use of the new innovative technology of the thin amorphous silicon film, the energy produced has exceeded 255,000 kWh, equal to more than 40 tons of oil, therefore being able to satisfy approximately 15% of the electric needs regularly required by the yard.

The solar production has allowed savings in terms of electric energy consumption, also reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere equal to approximately 140 tons.

Furthermore, the installation on the roof of the “great carpentry” building has allowed removing 3000 square metres of the previous insulation in asbestos-cement, contributing to eliminate materials that were considered dangerous and harmful for the health of the environment and of men.

In order to constantly monitor the operation of the facility, a digital panel has been placed, through which it is possible to visualize, at every moment, the power of the system, the energy produced by the sun and the emissions that have been avoided.

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