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About Us

The new communication campaign promoted by Rosetti Marino aims at spreading the culture and the value of safety, making individuals the protagonists and spokespeople of safe behaviours, not only in all the operative activities performed within the company, but also beyond the borders of the company, encouraging to act safely in everyday life.

The project has therefore included a series of activities:

Step 1 - Focus Group
A meeting has been arranged involving 15 people, selected according to their creativity, team spirit and dynamism, who, divided into three groups, have defined together the slogan and the logo, through interactive activities of brainstorming and problem solving.

Step 2 - Photo feature
A photo shoot has immortalized employees as protagonists and testimonials of safety, portraying them in their daily activities and in safety situations.
Different graphic supports have been carried out, some of which containing a mix of pictures of the protagonists and others dedicated to the pictures of testimonials accompanied by the description and role of each of them within the company.

Step 3 - HSE Day Organisation
Planning of the initiatives and actions dedicated to safety with the purpose of involving employees, medias and institutions.
The event will become an annual encounter, whose location will vary every year in the different work sites and offices of the Group.

Step 4 - Photograph contest – People's safety!
With a simple click, the individuals of Rosetti Marino will be able to immortalize an image representing a work situation carried out safely, using disposable cameras, made available by the companies of the Group.
The most meaningful images will receive an award during the presentation of the 2011 Operative Plan to further strengthen the common commitment aimed at spreading safety-related  knowledge at the workplace.

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