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About Us

ROSETTI MARINO is strongly committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment to employees, Clients, contractors and visitors.

To this purpose the Company has defined a specific policy highlighting that alcohol abuse and drugs consumption bring down attention, impair the health and safety of workers and that drugs consumption is punishable by law.

The sale, administration and consumption of drugs and alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden within ROSETTI MARINO’s production sites.
Employees will not be allowed to access the workplace either drunk or on drugs.

Rosetti is also aware that, besides being forbidden by law, smoking in working environments may increase occupational health and safety hazards.
Smoking is forbidden:
• Indoors (offices, meeting rooms, canteens);
• In all production areas, yards and workshops;
• While driving and performing working activities.
Smoking is allowed only within dedicated areas duly indicated.

This policy is neither persecutory nor prejudicial to individuals’ privacy, respect and dignity; rather it aims at protecting safety and health of workers and people in general.

Rosetti’s personnel are required to personally contribute to promoting and preserving a climate of mutual respect at the workplace.

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